China Ever Grand Financial Leasing Group Co., Ltd (“the Group”) is a public limited company incorporated in Cayman Islands as an exempted company with limited liability. Its shares have been listed on the Main Board of Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 2002 (stock code: 00379).

The Group was originally engaged in the manufacturing and trading of polishing materials and equipment. This was eventually discontinued, and the Group has since transformed into a financial leasing business in the PRC in 2016. The Group’s scope of business has also continued evolving to include trading of equity securities, investment in properties, money lending, trading of medical, health and hygiene products and food additives across Hong Kong and China.

Going forward, the Group remains committed to optimizing its existing businesses, while further exploring opportunities to acquire high quality businesses and assets in pursuit of our aim to achieve sustainable long-term growth and ultimately enhance shareholder’s value. To accomplish this, the Group will draw support from its solid shareholder base – of which Funde Sino Life Insurance Co. Ltd. is the largest single shareholder – as well as ample human resources with in-depth experience from different industrial sectors and other capabilities.

Firmly adhering to our mottos of “Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Collaboration, Customer-oriented”, our mission is to become one of the leading conglomerates in Hong Kong.

Detail Information

Company/Securities Name: EG LEASING
Business Classification: Financial Leasing – provision of finance lease consulting service and financing service in the PRC

Investment – investment properties in the PRC and Hong Kong, investments in securities
and money lending business in Hong Kong

Trading – sale of medical, health and hygiene products

Food Additives – research and development, manufacturing and sales of food additives, new food ingredients and
nutritional enhancers in the PRC

Principal Activities: Financial services, securities and properties investment, trading, manufacturing and distribution
Executive Directors: Mr. Wong Lik Ping (Chairman)
Mr. Siu Wai Bun
Mr. Tao Ke
Mr. Qiao Weibing
Mr. Ng Tin Shui
Non-executive Directors: Ms. Yip Man Yi
Independent Non-executive Directors: Mr. Lo Tsun Yu
Mr. Ho Hin Yip
Mr. Wu Kai Tang
Mr. Leung Yiu Ming, David
Company Secretary: Mr. Siu Wai Bun
Registered Office: Cricket Square
Hutchins Drive
P.O. Box 2681
Grand Cayman KY1-1111
Cayman Islands
Head Office and Principal Place of Business: Room 2203, 22/F.
Kwan Chart Tower
No.6 Tonnochy Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Principal Share Registrar and Transfer Office: Conyers Trust Company (Cayman) Limited
Cricket Square
Hutchins Drive
P.O. Box 2681
Grand Cayman KY1-1111
Cayman Islands
Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar and Transfer Office: Tricor Secretaries Limited
17/F, Far East Finance Centre
16 Harcourt Road
Hong Kong
Stock Code: 379
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